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ABOUT AGOGO AFRICA. Agogo Africa is an innovative e-commerce platform that connects African fashion industry to local and international patronage. It is a portal dedicated to displaying products of African designers’ wares and fashion accessories that cut across the entire fashion value chain.

THE DIFFERENCE. The Unique feature about Agogo Africa is that it also provides the opportunity to source the raw materials and manufacturing facilities the fashion industry players needs in the course of production. We have an exclusive and comprehensive directory of African textile manufacturers, garment factories, leather producers (tanneries), gemstone producers, artisans etc.

With a listing of manufacturing hubs and garment factories across the continent, designers can conveniently link up and produce high quality made-in-Africa fashion goods from anywhere across Africa.

WHO WE ARE. A subsidiary of Legendary Gold Limited which is Africa’s foremost fashion promotion company, Agogo Africa will be keeping in line with our core values of operational excellence driven by the passion of a dedicated team, positioned to promote innovative trends and creativity in the African fashion and creative industry. This is by showcasing Africa’s best for global appreciation and patronage, thus helping to stimulate the African fashion economy while fostering inclusion and ensuring Africa’s pride of place in an industry with abundant opportunities for fashion and garment industry practitioners.

PART OF OUR LEGACY. African fashion over the years has attracted significant interest across the globe. This can be attributed partly to the promotional activities of Legendary Gold Limited for the African fashion, garment and textile industry. We have been championing the appreciation and patronage of African fashion since 1996 by taking African designers and their products to the catwalk of Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Beijing, Sidney etc.

OUR BEST PRACTICES CONTINUES. Conceived against a background of our usually high ethical standards with total professionalism guiding its operations, Agogo Africa is committed to maintaining a culture of integrity and trust consistent with global best practices.

THE ENTIRE CREATIVE INDUSTRY COVERED. While providing an innovative platform for not only African designers but also artists, movie & music practitioners etc to champion their crafts, Agogo Africa affords opportunities that will attract commensurate rewards serving customers across the globe.

ETHICAL MOVEMENT. Agogo Africa also promotes the ethical and sustainable movement by providing a platform for creatives that champion this movement in their craft.

SOURCING. For textile manufacturers, garment factories and artisans, Agogo Africa situates as a vista showcasing the huge opportunity for sourcing. Agogo Africa therefore plays the all-important role of showcasing the entire creative industry market place with huge possibilities of sourcing from Africa to the world.

THE PLACE TO BE. Are you in the African creative industry, raw materials producer, manufacturer or manufacturing hub in the continent or diaspora looking to get access to customers from across the globe? Do you need a direct access to producers and manufacturers of authentic raw materials? Agogo Africa provides the answer to these and more.

SELL FROM AGOGO AFRICA. Sign up today to enjoy the benefits of being on Africa’s premium fashion, manufacturing, raw material and sourcing e-commerce gateway.

Welcome to Agogo Africa.


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